No Guts, No Love


A book of stories. It is a book of lessons. It is a book that asks hard questions. And it is a book that provides a few answers. Burt Gershater’s
stories touch the heart of love without glossing over its complexity. Through powerful personal tales and specific practice lessons, the reader
wrestles with and gets closer to what we all want more of —LOVE!


Awaken Your Inner Heroes™ journal


You have been reading my weekly inspirational messages, now you can have your own Awaken Your Inner Heroes™ journal.
Explore your thoughts and feelings as you navigate life’s mysterious and challenging slalom course. Journaling is a proven
practice to help bring conscious, elevating choices into our daily lives. (6” x 8.5” – embossed English Tan)




These unique and beautifully hand thrown high fired stoneware cups are created by local Flagstaff artist Mark Arnegard.

This photograph captures the essence of the creative process. The cup you purchase will also have it’s own unique one of a kind quality.

Cups are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Average cup dimensions:  4 1/2 Inches Tall.  3 1/4 Inches Wide.

Shipping Included

Sedona Red
Ponderosa Green
Mystic Blue