Elevation Leadership™

Often, the higher we go in leadership the more cautious and protected we become. Elevation Leadership™ is a powerful program that results in more Burt Gershatercourageous and caring leadership, fully balanced and in harmony with our authentic selves.

Many participants of Elevation Leadership™ experience an unleashing of hidden energies and more effective ways of being, previously unavailable to them. It starts with self-exploration and self-honesty, in a safe and trusting environment.


When we strip away our individual roles in life, don’t we all want the same thing? To be heard, respected, appreciated and ultimately loved? Don’t we also want connection to each other? Don’t we want to find ways to make a contribution, to make a difference in the lives of our family, friends, at work, in our communities or even in the greater world?

As leaders don’t we want to be fully present and to make a contribution, to be effective, accountable and responsible for excellence with grace?


Barriers to Fully Present Leadership: Default Patterns

On the path to elevated leadership we will explore what stops us, what barriers arise from us being fully present leaders. Elevation Leadership™ explores these barriers and other deeper questions. Burt has distilled his decades of work with thousands of individuals, corporations and service organizations. He identifies these barriers as default patterns.

We all have them. Our default patterns come in myriad flavors and are honed over time. It’s where we hide out, protect ourselves, and stay safe and unchanged. In the end our default patterns don’t serve us. They keep us down and impotent and require tremendous energy just to sustain them.

Looking at our default patterns takes courage and commitment. It means changing the way we are… not who we are. Because who we are, in our nature, is already magnificent.

Change is never easy. It takes courage, honesty and focus. Burt creates a safe place to explore, to deepen, and to elevate, as individuals and leaders.

To become better leaders we need to become better explorers of our own lives. Burt supportively explores through questions. Questions are powerful. They take us to places and awaken things we can’t easily see by ourselves. They reveal our blind spots…. those places where we don’t know what we don’t know. Once we see where we are stuck we can change. But only when we choose to.

Ultimately Elevation Leadership™ is a matter of the heart. To be heard, to be listened to without judgment, to feel fully honored in our common humanity and beauty by someone fully present and committed to elevating your life is the role Burt plays.

It’s where we begin to see and experience living a truly elevated life.