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Burt Gershater and Peak Performance!

Teamwork at its best is a powerful force in any organization. Getting there often takes a fresh perspective from the outside looking in. Burt creates effective and life-changing programs that get teams excited about working together. Individual performance and contribution increase as team members learn how to work more dynamically. Often goals and outcomes perceived as not possible before become the new normal.

The team-building process always begins with the interview— questions that uncover patterns of behavior, obstacles/challenges and opportunities for growth. Your team, your department, your group is constantly shaping your organization’s unique culture.

Burt interviews group leaders, coaches, CEOs, department heads and managers at all levels of an organization to determine how best to custom design an effective team-building experience.

It has been Burt’s experience, having worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of teams, that follow-up coaching sessions and check-in meetings are critical for sustained team-building success and development. Many options are available.




Program I: Basic Team Building

  • Create a championship team
  • Set and attain challenging goals
  • Support the “I” in team
  • Make appreciation central


Program II: Effective Communication

How do you know if you are communicating effectively? It’s simple: you listen as much you speak and learn as much as you inform. Effective communication is to fully connect with another intellectually and emotionally. One person courageously reaches out and the other willingly listens and accepts. The result is a deeper understanding and a stronger, more potent bond.

  • Group decision-making
  • Speak clearly and concisely
  • Active listening training
  • Make conflict work for you


Program III: Inspired Leadership

Inspired leadership encourages and instructs others how to develop their gifts. Burt creates a safe environment for people to examine and shed qualities that do not enhance positive growth. Inspired leaders bring courage and caring into every interaction. We inspire others not by what we say but by how we live. It is our courage, impeccable accountability and our caring that inspire others.

  • Earn your leadership every day
  • Humility is where it begins
  • Learn how to conquer your default patterns
  • Love is the most powerful leadership ingredient


Programs can be one, two, three days or multi-week experiences depending on the needs of your organization. They are a combination of experiential learning activities, group discussions, journaling, and focused lectures. Follow-up programs and coaching sessions will help maintain the gains made during your initial program.

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