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Elevation Leadership™

Coaching sessions are now available from wherever you are. We can begin our coaching today, by telephone, Skype or video conferencing. I look forward to meeting with you! If you have any questions, ask away:

Elevation Leadership Executive Coaching

The primary function of a leader is to elevate the performance and attitude of the people we’re charged to influence. Leadership is elevation. People are drawn to learn from those of us who dedicate our lives to the principles of courage, discipline, cooperation, compassion, creativity, and justice.

Excellent leaders understand that we affect everyone in our organization. Everything we say and do reverberates, for better and for worse. This is both the power bequeathed to and the responsibility asked of us as leaders.

Elevation Leadership Coaching sessions will help you to look closely at your leadership strengths and challenges; it is not for the faint of heart.

We’ll explore such topics as:

Burt Gershater Awaken Your Inner Hero Journal

  • Conflict & Courage
  • From Old Habits to New Choices
  • Effective Boundary Setting
  • The Power of Listening
  • Don’t Take Anything Personally 
  • Making Gratitude Central.

Coaching Program Includes:

  • Weekly sessions (one–two hours per session) 
  • Pre – and Post-Elevation Leadership™ Assessments
  • Weekly inspirational newsletter, Awaken Your Inner Heroes Elevation Leadership, journal
  • Burt’s book – No Guts No Love
  • Recorded phone session.
  • Call Burt at 928-774-6400 to discuss teleconferencing options.