Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

We have only one true choice to make in life: to stagnate or to wake up. Everything we do falls into one of those two categories. While we’re sleepwalking, we choose by default or habit. After we awaken, we choose by courage and discipline. We are what we choose to be — every day, every minute, every breath.

Personal Coaching gives you specific tools to help identify your path, your gifts and your dreams. We’ll explore your default patterns and identify and subdue both your internal and external obstacles. We’ll encourage you to discover your most authentic self and then be it.
Awaken Your Inner Hero™ coaching sessions are now available from wherever you are. We can begin our coaching today, by telephone, Skype or video conferencing. I look forward to meeting with you! If you have any questions, ask away:


Burt Gershater

Every once in a while, throughout our lives,
we come across people or places or events,
which leave lasting
impressions on us. Not
the kind of impressions that hurt, or the
happy memories that make us smile whenever
we picture them, but the kind of impressions
that change our perspective on things, for the
better!  Burt was such a light in my life! He
taught me the value of gratitude, in all of its
far-reaching grandness!  More than being great
at what he does, Burt is a great person! He is
thoughtful, reflective, and most importantly,
grateful!  He shared his values and wisdom
with me, and I am a happier and more successful
person for it!  Thank you Burt! I am grateful for
knowing you!

David McNeill, 2012 Olympian, Australia




Choose from three levels
Awaken Your Inner Hero coaching:

Five sessions

Basic Elevation Principles
Initial Implementation

Ten sessions
Basic Elevation Principles
Initial Implementation
Follow-up and Support

Fifteen sessions
Basic Elevation Principles
Initial Implementation
Follow-up and Support
Advanced Principles

The Coaching Program includes:
• Weekly sessions (one to two hours per session)
• Weekly inspirational newsletter:
Awaken Your Inner Hero
• Awaken Your Inner Hero Journal
• Burt’s book – NO GUTS NO LOVE