Where do we begin?

We all impact each other, whether we are doing it consciously or not. That is power! When we begin to accept that we really are more powerful than we ever imagined, we also realize it is our job to harness our power for the better.

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Begin Your Change


For 45+ years, Burt has touched people's lives as an inspiring, nationally recognized counselor, speaker, and trainer, sparking powerful changes.

Life Coaching

Over these many years, it is still a joy to assist people of all ages on their life journeys. Let's discover your most authentic self.

Elevation Leadership™

There is a need for courage the higher we go in leadership. Discover hidden energies that result in impactful and more caring leadership.


Keynote presentations that not only educate, entertain, and inspire, but provide practical tools for life.

Team Building

Effective and life-changing programs that get teams excited about working together.


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Get Closer to Love

Through powerful personal tales and specific practice lessons, the reader wrestles with and gets closer to what we all want more of—LOVE!

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