Often, the higher we go in leadership the more cautious and protected we become. Elevation Leadership™ is a powerful program that results in more courageous and caring leadership, fully balanced and in harmony with our authentic selves. Experience an unleashing of hidden energies and more effective ways of Being than previously available.

Grand Canyon from the river view, as inspiration


On the path to elevated leadership, we will explore what stops us, what barriers arise from us being fully present leaders. Elevation Leadership™ explores these barriers and other deeper questions. I've distilled decades of work with thousands of individuals, corporations, and service organizations. I've identified these barriers as default patterns.

Barriers to Fully Present Leadership

We all have them. Our default patterns come in myriad flavors and are honed over time. It’s where we hide out, protect ourselves, and stay safe. In the end, our default patterns don’t serve us. Looking at these patterns takes courage and commitment. It means changing the way we are... not who we are. Who is already magnificent.